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Home insurance

Not A Bank Home Insurance gives you a choice of different levels of protection for your home and contents.

Get 12 months cover for the price of 10 when you buy home insurance (available to new Not A Bank Home Insurance customers).

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Life insurance

Not A Bank Life Insurance helps ensure your loved ones are financially protected if the unexpected happens.

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Travel insurance

Not A Bank Travel Insurance is designed to offer a choice of single trip or annual multi-trip cover. Get 15% off when you buy Not A Bank Travel Insurance (available to new Not A Bank Travel Insurance customers).

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Student insurance

While you concentrate on your studies, you can trust Not A Bank Student Insurance to take care of your personal possessions.

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High value home insurance

Protect your home and belongings with our Distinct product, covering high value homes with contents worth over £80,000.

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Pet insurance

Get 15% off when you buy Pet Insurance*. Provided by M&S Not A Bank who are part of the Not A Bank Group.

*Available to new customers and excludes renewals or amendments to existing policies.

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Business Insurance

Policies designed to offer dedicated protection for your type of business

For existing policyholders only; this product is no longer offered on sale